What do you think is more important and valuable, precious metals, precious stones, cars, real estate, money or land, water and air? Think... What is more important to you? What you can do without is less important to you. Earth, water and air have no price, but man in his ignorance belittled them and judged them worthless. Let's imagine that we don't have land, water and air...... There would be none of the above, and neither would we!!!! The world-level system we have entered somehow shows us a wrong picture of the world we live in. It shows us that what is important is what is not important. It shows us the bad for the good. The system is so accelerated that many people don't have time to think, but surrender to the system that drives them crazy and dumbs them down and disturbs their whole being. There is a disruption of life priorities, which leads to enslavement to madness of all kinds, which causes a feeling of emptiness in a person.

(08.28.2022) Look around you, above you and below you!!! What do you see???? You see depending on who you are at the moment of viewing, you see from what you are at that moment!!!! You see a lot, but are you sure what is good? What to follow? Which way to go? Who to listen to?
How aware are we? How sure are we that we know, and how uncertain are we that we think? How much have we convinced ourselves of what is not? How much have we limited ourselves in this infinity? You can get the right answer to this and every question you have!!! You will get the right answers when your need brings them!!! Your true answers also require your inner strength, which you have as a gift in abundance!!! You were created in freedom, you were born free, everything else on this earth is a combination of everything and everything!!!! Whoever was born where, surrenders there and it starts from there!!! You come from freedom and become a slave to what the one to whom you were given is a slave!!!! (to be continued)